…and that’s why College Football is the best thing going.

We haven’t even got to the first College Football Saturday of the year, and already I don’t know how we went 200+ days without college football. First on Thursday I’m hooked on watching Wake Forest and Syracuse. I’m rooting for the Deacs. I’m an ACC fan, and I’m getting excited watching Wake Forest. The Demon Deacons were largely considered the weakest team in the ACC this year and they had 29-14 4th quarter lead on Big East darkorse contender Syracuse.

At the same time I’m checking out Georgia Tech, and wondered what in the name of Steve Spurrier got into the Yellow Jackets as they threw for 365 yards in a 63-21 win over Western Carolina. Not much of an opponent, but the Jackets have given future opponents a little something to think about. Oh yeah I nearly forgot about Wisconsin’s new QB Russell Wilson. He was playing like a Heisman candidate in the Badgers romp over UNLV.

Then I’m back to watching Wake Forest. They couldn’t hold on, and lost 36-29 in OT, but darn if it wasn’t exciting. My Twitter timeline was blowing up with BigEast ACC back and forth all night. It was some good natured fun. Not even the SEC escaped though. Kentucky was in a major struggle with Western Kentucky, and the first “oh did the SEC just trade out Kentucky for Texas A&M” comments come through. Awesome… Of course I have to catch the end of that one, where the Wildcats finally pull away late to win 14-3. It’s around 12:30 AM, and I stayed up way too late with a regular work day Friday. I wasn’t much use in the office today.

Friday comes the wild shootout between the Baylor Bears and a #14 ranked TCU Horned Frogs team. I tuned in just in time to see Baylor take a huge 47-23 lead. WOW and we are going to see the first big upset of the year. TCU roars back and takes a 49-47 lead. Good grief 25 straight unanswered points. Then Baylor kicks the go ahead FG to take a 50-48 lead. Baylor picks off a TCU pass to seal the victory for the Bears biggest win in years. Baylor fans storm the field.

The College Football season is 2 days old and we’ve had 2 big comebacks, a near epic upset, and a top 20 team goes down.   It doesn’t get any better than that. Oh wait we still got Saturday to go. College Football don’t ever go away again.


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