What 2011 record will put an ACC football coach on the hotseat?

For the first time in years I really can’t name an ACC football coach that’s on the hotseat. I know Dabo Swinney’s name keeps coming up, but seriously he’s isn’t going anywhere. He’s only a year removed from an ACCCG appearance, and has been doing a wonderful job recruiting. That said for Swinney and the rest of the ACC coaches there are some scenarios this year that will have them squarely on the hotseat for 2012. What are they? I’m glad you asked…

Clemson, Dabo Swinney

Better not go: 6-6

Another 6-6 regular season especially if there is a 3rd loss in row to South Carolina, no matter how well he’s recruiting, will have Tiger Fans clamoring for change.

Chance of happening: 20%

Florida State, Jimbo Fisher

Better not go: 7-5

Fisher has the raised the expectations at Florida State. With that better come results. A 7-5 season would have to be considered a major disappointment and will have the Seminole faithful wondering if the Fisher is the right man for the job.

Chance of happening: 3%

Georgia Tech, Paul Johnson

Better not go: 6-6

There’s a few doubts creeping in about Johnson. Last year following a 20 combined wins in 2008 and 2009, Johnson needs to prove last season was just an aberration. 6-6 and a 3rd straight loss to Georgia and Paul Johnson would enter Chan Gailey territory.

Chance of happening: 35%

Virginia Tech, Frank Beamer

Better not go: 7-5

Beamer is such an institution at Virginia Tech, that he’s safe barring a total meltdown of the program. A 5 loss season with such an easy schedule, might have Hokie fans wondering if his best days are behind him.

Chance of happening: < 1%

Maryland, Randy Edsall

Better not go: 5-7

The Terps are coming off a 9 win season with stud QB Danny O’Brien returning. I would really question Edsall’s coaching ability, if he can’t guide Maryland to at least a .500 record.

Chance of happening: 10%

Wake Forest, Jim Grobe

Better not go: 2-10

The luster of the 2006 ACC title has worn off. The Deacs have a major uphill battle to finish .500, but that can’t mean Wake Forest can have double digit losses. Given the depth of the Atlantic 2-10 is a possibility.

Chance of happening: 50%

Virginia, Mike London

Better not go: 4-8

Virginia went 4-8 last year. London has to prove the Cavalier program is moving forward.

Chance of happening: 25%

Miami, Al Golden

Better not go: 4-8

With the NCAA allegations surrounding the Miami program, Golden has walked into an unwinnable situation. It’s possible he may have as many as 15 ineligible players this year. Only if he completely loses the team, would the Canes even consider a change.

Chance of happening: 1%

North Carolina, Everett Withers

Better not go: 6-6

The Heels have their own NCAA mess to deal with. Withers takes over for the departed Butch Davis. Where Golden would need a complete disaster to get on the hotsseat, Withers has to prove he can manage being the head coach. His room for error is much smaller than Golden’s.

Chance of happening: 30%

Duke, David Cutcliffe

Better not go: 3-9

Cutcliffe has made Duke respectable. At some point you have to take the step and get to a bowl game.

Chance of happening: 20%

Boston College, Frank Spaziani

Better not go: 6-6

You could argue that the BC program is gradually slipping with declining win totals every year since 2007. If you read the blog you know Boston College’s schedule is brutal.

Chance of happening: 40%

NC State, Tom O’Brien

Better not go: 7-5

O’Brien made a bold move by basically telling star QB Russell Wilson to take a hike. Last year was his first winning season in Raleigh, time to build on it.

Chance of happening: 25%


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