Quickly Breaking down the Pre-Season AP Top 25.

So the AP top 25 poll came out today. There’s been a lot of discussion about whether these polls should come in October, as they create an unfair advantage for the teams near the top. There’s always time to lose early and recover. Personally I don’t have much problem with them. They create conversation pieces, and typically are a reward for a strong finish to the previous year.

You know of course some sort of playoff, even a small (4 team) or +1 system fixes most of this. Oh yea nevermind. So let’s take a look at the rankings, and if the AP Writers go it correct. Got a reaction to my breakdown? Please comment away.


1 Oklahoma Correct – Will be an offensive nightmare for teams.
2 Alabama Correct – Nick Saban after watching his arch rival win a national title?
3 Oregon  Too High – Off the field issues clouding this team.
4 LSU  Too High – Several difficult road games including non-conference ones.  
5 Boise State  Too Low – Why not higher? They’ve proven it.
6 Florida State  Too High – Noles are my ACC favorite, but this is a big leap. Ask me again if they beat Oklahoma.
7 Stanford  Too Low – Come on Andrew Luck is still there.
8 Texas A&M  Too High – The Big 12,11,10,9… will be gunning for these guys every game.
9 Oklahoma State  Too Low – The offense among the country’s most dangerous. 
10 Nebraska  Correct – If QB Taylor Martinez stays healthy they are very dangerous.
11 Wisconsin  Too Low – People always underestimate Wisconsin, now Russell Wilson is there.
12 South Carolina  Too High – Remember this team still lost 5 games last year, lots of hype for 2011.
13 Virginia Tech  Too Low – Have you seen the Hokies schedule?
14 TCU Too Low – Name me 5 teams in the country that have been better defensively in recent years.
15 Arkansas Too High – You just don’t replace Ryan Mallet. 
16 Notre Dame To High – Brian Kelly is doing nice things, but I’m not sold on the Irish yet.
17 Michigan State Correct – Team inconsistent finally showed some until getting whacked by Alabama. Kirk Cousins is a solid QB.
18 Ohio State Correct – The Buckeyes have talent, and if Tressel was still there they are 5 spots higher.
19 Georgia To High – Go 6-7 get ranked 19? The Dawgs are really thin at RB.
20 Mississippi State Correct – How long does Dan Mullen stay?
21 Missouri Correct – Just play football Missouri don’t worry about leaving for the SEC. You have a good team.
22 Florida Too High – Young team, new coach. Just too many questions with Florida. 
23 Auburn Correct – I saw losing record predictions from some folks. They lost Cam Newton, but not the entire team.
24 West Virginia Correct – Give credit to WVU for scheduling up. If they beat LSU at home watch out.
25 Southern California Too High – Lane Kiffen hasn’t done anything to make me believe he can elevate USC. I could coach them to 8-5.



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