Articles from around the ACC Blogosphere August 19, 2011

Well normally Tuesday is the day we check out what’s going on in the ACC Blogosphere, but with the Miami Nevin Shapiro story dominating the ACC we had to make some comments on that. There are only 2 weeks left until the start of the season so we’ve got articles and thoughts from the rest of the ACC to get into including some Hurricane’s reaction to the NCAA allegations.

A lot of stories have been written, including by me, taking to task Miami after the story of out of control booster Nevin Shapiro was released. Cane’s fans have been of the defensive ever since. The Hurricane Blog All About The U, put together probably the most well thought out piece I’ve seen questioning veracity the Yahoo article and Nevin Shapiro.  It’s certainly worth a read. Whether you end up agreeing with or not, it will make you think a little. The problem for Miami is even if only 20% of the allegations are true; it would still be enough to land Miami in serious trouble.

Well there is more going on the ACC than just Miami.

Clemson Blog ShakintheSouthLand assesses the Tiger’s recent practices. QB Tajh Boyd is doing well and heralded freshman WR Sammy Watkins is as good advertised. There are some depth concerns with the offensive line.

ACCBlogger has his list of 5 games involving ACC Teams that he can’t wait to watch. The only game I sort of disagree on is I would have traded out the UNC vs NC State game with Clemson vs Auburn.

From the Rumble Seat, a Georgia Tech Blog, has an interesting series going on. The folks there are reviewing the history with some of the Jacket’s biggest rivals including Florida State, Virginia Tech, and Auburn. The last two games with Florida State were absolute heart stoppers, and the Virginia Tech rivalry has an undercurrent of some nice testiness between the two teams.

Here’s an interesting article from the Southern Pigskin, that considers the ACC partnering with Notre Dame (not ND joining ACC) and adding Pittsburgh and West Virginia to the conference. I’d trade out Syracuse for West Virginia, but that’s just me. Notre Dame’s academic reputation fits in perfectly with the ACC, and if this partnership ever got made it would be an absolute home run for the ACC. It won’t happen, but one can dream.


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