Adding the Miami Hurricanes to the ACC has been a total failure.

Before any Canes rip me apart, let me preface this blog post, I thought it was a great idea to add Miami to the ACC. In fact of the 3 additions to the ACC, Boston College, Virginia Tech, and Miami, I felt the Hurricanes clearly were the most obvious choice. Geographically being in Florida it was perfect. The ACC brought the Virginia Tech\Miami rivalry from the Big East. The Canes had resurrected their football program in the early part of the decade to be among the best country. I can’t fault the ACC for inviting for Miami, because I would have done the same, but that was before things went all wrong in South Florida.

This isn’t just about the mind-boggling list of potential violations as reported by Charles Robinson of YahooSports, either. This is also partly about why Miami was brought to the ACC. The Miami Hurricanes were brought to the ACC to elevate the level of football in the conference. The ACC is smart enough to know the real cash cow in the college sports is football. Miami was coming off a 35-3 run the previous 3 years prior to joining the ACC. Their inclusion was the basis of the conference’s realignment. Florida State was in one division and Miami was in the other. The ACCCG would be in Jacksonville, Fla and was going to play to sellout crowds of Miami and Florida State fans. The problem was Miami never showed up. Since 2006 the Hurricanes actually have a losing record (19-21) in the ACC! They haven’t won a single conference or division title in football. Maybe the ACC is just that much tougher than the Big East, but Virginia Tech didn’t seem to have problems winning ACC Titles. At least the ACC still had basketball…

Well not really, Miami was a big part of the dilution of ACC Hoops. Miami struggled in the Big East under Perry Clark and when Frank Haith took over they continued to be a mediocre basketball program in the ACC. Haith went 43-69 in the ACC, and never finished higher than 5th in the conference. In the 7 years the Canes have been in the ACC they had but 1 NCAA win. More than one person will tell you that the ACC sacrificed it’s basketball soul, for football and Miami is front and center in that conversation.

Even the perennially strong baseball team which won national titles in 1999 and 2001, hasn’t been to the CWS since 2008.

What we have in Miami now in 2011 is an underachieving football team, below average basketball results, a baseball program that had its best days prior to joining the ACC, and now a scandal ridden athletic department with allegations among the worst ever in college sports. Who knew what would happen when Miami was added to the ACC? Most of us thought it was the right thing to do, maybe it still will be, but right now Miami’s inclusion in the ACC has been a total failure.


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  1. Kody Brannon says:

    I didn’t realize that they were so bad since joining the ACC. At this point I think the program will be lucky to escape intact. This is one time the NCAA can really lay the hammer down, even if it isn’t the death penalty.

  2. Jfann says:

    You’re right Kody. I don’t think Miami will get the death penalty, but if I had to guess the punishment will cripple the Canes program for the next decade.

  3. Double G Sports says:

    Everyone is to blame. The team staff is to blame as well as the individual student athletes. While they surely can not watch every athlete 24/7, you can’t tell me they don’t know some of this stuff is going on. I’m not saying all, but I am sure many coaches and administrators just overlooked these things, as long as they were winning.

    The student athletes should be help more accountable. I can’t stand when the students cry poverty because they are not being paid to play. Give me a break! You are on a free ride to college because you play the sport, most of them anyway. What about the other students that have $60,000+ per year loans to pay back and no future professional athletic career?

    I firmly believe the way to stop this is to give these athletes classes on the rules (im sure they already do this) and if rules like this are broken, the student athletes should be required to pay back the money for the scholarship they were given.

    1. Jfann says:

      One idea that someone told me about, was when athletes sign their letter of intent, make it part of their letter that they can fined or punished if they are part of any NCAA violations.

      If I was a player I’d think twice about taking that gift from a booster or agent if I thought I might get a huge fine later.

  4. Canes says:

    Kody and Jfann, you are an idiot if you think that. The Canes will lose like like 10 schollies and POSSIBLY another bowl ban. You two morons have no idea what you’re talking about.

  5. Jfann says:

    HI Canes,

    At the time the allegations came out, there was serious discussion that Miami could get the Death penalty or at least a very severe penalty. It’s seems the NCAA may end up not giving the Canes much of a penalty and it obviously didn’t affect recruiting. Like I said I’m not sure Miami’s inclusion hasn’t worked out the way most had hoped, but in the end it is a logical fit.

  6. rick oneal says:

    All you miami haters out there if they never win, another game they have more national football championships than rest of conference. Miami will go through sanctions like before and be national championship contenders and hopefully join a conference that? pays more money.

    1. Jfann says:

      Rick if you read the article, no one was more pleased Miami joined the ACC than me, but you have to honest the Canes have underachieved since the moment they got in the ACC.

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