Which ACC Schools fit into SEC Expansion?

You know the SEC really does it right. They always seem one step ahead of the rest of country and you have to admit that. When it comes to promotion, expansion, TV, they seem to get there before everyone else.

I am an ACC guy, but a part of me admires how they market their brand. I hope the ACC can do some of the same things and keep the conference together as it is and even continue to grow. That said with the near certainty of Texas A&M Joining the SEC, segments of several ACC schools fanbases are ready to make their pitch for SEC inclusion. I get it nobody match the SEC money, but is it really that bad in the ACC?

It’s not like the Big 12, 11, 10, 9, 8…. 0 or something. If the SEC poaches an ACC team, not all of you are getting in.

My opinion after hearing @ClayTravisBGID on yahoo sports radio, and reading some other reports, the SEC is looking to expand in locales where they don’t currently have a market in. The SEC is already in South Carolina, Florida, Georgia so draw your own conclusions, but really who knows what’s going to happen. If the SEC looks at the ACC is your team truly a fit?

Florida State

Why they fit: The Noles have the potential to be an elite football program, and in the not too distant past were one of the top teams in college football. They also have SEC like fanbase and are in a good geographic location to the rest of the SEC.

Why they don’t fit: The SEC already has the Florida Gators, and like it or not, the Noles would be to the Gators as Oklahoma St is to Oklahoma. In the ACC the Noles can and have been the flagship football school, in the SEC they are just another decent team.


Why they fit: Geographically in a near perfect location, bordering Georgia and Tennessee. Along with FSU, and maybe Virginia Tech, the only other SEC like fanbases. They already considered the most SEC type Gameday environment in the ACC.

Why they don’t fit: The Tigers haven’t won an ACC Football Title in 20 years. In the SEC, they become the South Carolina Gamecocks the sequel. Yea I know South Carolina just won an SEC East Division title, but historically they are an afterthought. The SEC is already in the state of South Carolina. Clemson is 2-5 in its last 7 games against the SEC.

Wake Forest:

Why they fit: Well they are still in the South…

Why they don’t fit: Tiny fanbase and Tiny stadium, nuff said.

NC State:

Why they fit: The Wolfpack are intriguing. Not quite an SEC Fanbase, but still a very good one. SEC doesn’t have a presence in North Carolina. NC State sometimes feels like the third wheel to Duke and North Carolina.

Why they don fit: Tobacco Road is a strong pull. If one of the Tobacoo Road schools leaves, that’s the end of the ACC.


Why they fit: Get’s the SEC into Mid-Atlantic region. The Terps could potentially help elevate SEC basketball.

Why they don’t fit: Geographically starting to get hours from nearest fellow SEC Team. Fanbase is fickle. SEC doesn’t want to play in front of 25,000 if a season goes south. That’s what Vanderbilt is for.

Boston College:

Why they fit: If TCU can join Big East, why can’t BC join the SEC?

Why they don’t fit: Come on, way way too far away. Culturally not a match… Boston College just doesn’t fit Southeastern Conference football.  

Virgina Tech:

Why they fit: One of the ACC’s best football fanbases. SEC can move North without leaving their Southern Roots. As long as Frank Beamer coach Virginia Tech the Hokie will have a quality football team, and in the SEC Football is king.

Why they don’t fit: In any given year the Hokies are a game or two away from playing in the National Title game in the ACC. Move to the SEC and Virginia Tech becomes Arkansas, a nice little program that’s just a notch below the Alabamas, LSU’s, and Florida’s in most years.

Georgia Tech:

Why they fit: They are a former SEC member, residing in Atlanta, Georgia, the heart of SEC country. They are historical rivals to Alabama and Auburn and obviously UGA.  

Why they don’t fit: The Jacket’s academically have much more in common with the ACC schools than the SEC ones, and cannot recruit at an elite level due to academic restrictions of the school.

North Carolina:

Why they fit: North Carolina’s biggest out of conference basketball rival is already Kentucky. SEC Basketball would get an immediate boost, and like NC State, the SEC makes inroads into North Carolina.

Why they don’t fit: The Heels impending NCAA investigation and likely probation make them an “undesirable” school. The Heels are better served helping strengthen the ACC.


Why they fit: Basketball, Basketball, Basketball.

Why they don’t fit: Have you seen Wallace Wade Stadium Saturdays in the fall?


Why they fit: The SEC would love to have another avenue into the talent rich Miami-Dade county recruiting base. For the better part of the last 25 years, Miami “The U” was one of the most recognized national names in college football.

Why they don’t fit: Attendance to Miami football games, if the Canes aren’t in the national title hunt or playing a fellow Florida school is a disgrace. Those Ole Miss vs Miami games might draw about 15,000. That’s not SEC Football.


Why they fit: If the SEC wants to move up Atlantic Seaboard, the Cavs might be the 2nd best choice following Virginia Tech, but ahead of Maryland and Boston College. Virginia has one of the better secondary sports programs going in the ACC. For years they’ve had very good swimming, tennis, lacrosse and baseball teams among others. The SEC’s number one sport is football, but they like to win at everything else too.

Why they don’t fit: The Cavs have a decent football past, but it’s hardly tradition rich. They only have 3 conference titles in their entire history. Virginia might not find that much in common culturally or academically with the SEC schools.

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