Virginia Tech Hokie Football Preview and an Interview with former Hokie star Roland Minor

Since AllSportsDiscussion moved from it’s old layout to the one you are currently looking at, last month, we’ve been going back and reposting some of the more memorable articles. A few of those were put together by contributing writer @HokieGuru.  Earlier this Summer HokiGuru interviewed Chris Colston of @HokieAnnual. HokieAnnual provided tremendous insight and analysis into the Virginia Tech Hokies football team as they readied for the 2011 season. Thanks to HokieGuru for the great articles and HokieAnnual for taking the time to answer the questions.

Part 1 2011 Virginia Tech Offensive Preview

Part 2 2011 Virginia Tech Defense and Special Teams Preview

Wait there’s more especially if you are a Hokie fan! HokieGuru also interviewed former Virginia Tech Defensive star Roland Minor. We wanted to re-post that as well. Find out what Minor is up to these days, his thoughts on this year’s team, and his highlights from his playing days. Thanks to Roland Minor for sharing and HokieGuru for another really good interview.

Roland Minor Interview

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