How to clear up the NFL’s Free Agent Frenzy.

Are you as lost as me, with the current NFL Free Agent Frenzy? I can’t keep track of which players are going where. Literally things are changing every hour. This is going to directly affect my fantasy football team, and I can’t afford to let that happen. Don’t get me wrong, I defiantly prefer this to not having football, but that doesn’t mean I’m not still a little lost. I actually thought a good blog article would be to chart to all the player moves, then I realized I’d have a better chance of balancing the budget.

Thankfully there’s already some folks out that are doing this and I’m going to post them as much me for as for you. My draft is just a mere 3 weeks away! I tried ESPN’s free agent tracker. Ugh to many players on too many teams no good and you needed an insider subscription for extra details. I’m still mad at them for messing with Bruce Feldman anyways. CBSSportsline divided the free agent transactions by Division.  It is a little more concise than ESPN. I like it better. CNNSI also lists the free agents by division, but then separated players into two pages on for the AFC and one for the NFC.  Not bad, but I need one stop shopping. I don’t need to be sorting through multiple pages.

Sorry Fox Sports, your free agent tracker wasn’t on the front page, and I had to dig through 3 more links to find it. The free agent tracker on the front page is an absolute must, and I don’t mean the minute by minute transactions. I want the overall team layout which was a pain to get too. Let me hit one more major sports site… yahoo sports. On the front page, I like that. It ranks the free agents 1-100, but now here’s the problem. I’m blocked from twitter at work, and so viewing your page is risky. Phone is not an option inside the building either.

So for my money I’m going with CBSSportsline’s free agent coverage.  

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