Tiger Woods could learn a lot from Michael Vick.

A few years ago Tiger Woods was the best golfer on the planet. He was on his way to being the greatest golfer that ever lived. In November 2009 Tiger Woods’s infidelities became public, and it’s been all down hill ever since. He got divorced. He hasn’t won a tournament in close to 2 years. He hasn’t won a major in over 3. He still recovering from a knee injury and his swing is a mess. Oh yea he just unceremoniously fired his caddy Steve Williams. That’s the same Williams that defended Tigers Woods time and time again from anyone or anything on the golf course.

Michael Vick was another athlete that had it all. Blessed with a rocket arm and sprinter speed, Vick could simply do things athletically that had been never been done before by an NFL quarterback. In 2006 he became the first NFL quarterback to ever rush for more than 1000 yards. He was a 3 time pro-bowler and was immensely popular in Atlanta during his time with the Falcons. Then in 2007 in all fell apart for Vick. He was sentenced to nearly 2 years in prison for his involvement in an interstate dog fighting ring. He had to file chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Now, I’m not comparing what Vick did which was felony, to Woods who has never served jail time, but these were two athletes considered at or the near the top of their respective sports that lost it all and in quite sudden fashion. Their roads back have taken two different paths. Vick was released from prison in 2009 and signed with the Philadelphia Eagles. In 2010 he made the NFL’s Pro Bowl. He’s not only turned things around athletically, but also in his personal life. He’s worked with the Human Society on anti-dog fighting legislation. He has spoken at how lucky he has been to be able to return to playing. Vick appears to be doing what he can to separate himself from the person he was before his prison time. Tiger Woods should be taking notes.

Woods despite his on air apologies, and his statements to be a better person on and off the golf course seems like the same old guy, and his firing of his long time caddy Stevie Williams is more proof of this. It is well known Woods doesn’t treat fans well, and now it’s obvious he doesn’t treat his friends well either. Vick seems like a different person since his return. Woods is vague about his injuries status, just like before. He barely discusses his past. He barely discusses anything personal. He’s closed book just like before. When he was winning championships it didn’t matter, but now he’s just a mediocre golfer that cheated on wife He is losing friends as fast as he’s losing endorsements.

Tiger I hope you’re watching how Michael Vick is handling himself. If not you’ll end up a bitter athlete with a handful of records. Ask Pete Rose how that is working out for him. 


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