I think we are going to have some NFL Football!

I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I’ve been reading that a deal between the NFL Owners and players was close, but I still had my doubts. I needed something definitive so that I could start putting together my fantasy football team.

I think I got it today. New Orleans Saint’s quarterback Drew Brees  has always seemed like a straight forward honest individual. When he said today that a deal was close I felt ok I think this deal is going to get done and we are going to have some NFL Football.

Now I’m a college football fan first, but football is football, and I can’t imagine Sunday afternoons without some NFL games. I’m kind of hooked on playing fantasy football too. I’d be real lost if I couldn’t scream at the TV why Peyton Manning  handed off, rather than throwing the football up 3 TD’s.

NFL Owners and NFL players, you’re very close. Go ahead and finalize the deal. NBA we want your deal worked out too, but if we have NFL football we won’t notice you’re not playing until after the Super Bowl.

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