Articles from around the ACC Blogosphere July 5, 2011

Less than 2 months until football season starts and I can’t wait.

ACCBlogger starts his ACC team predictions with the Clemson Tigers going 5-7. IfDabo Swinney  has another losing season and a 3rd loss in a row to South Carolina, he’s finished at Clemson. It won’t matter how well he’s recruiting.

The Tigers better not go 0-3 against Auburn, Florida State and Virginia Tech , because then yes I can see a disastrous 2011. That said I feel like they’ll find a way to beat either Auburn or Florida State at Clemson.

Virginia Tech blog Gobbler Country says Bold Scheduling doing Virginia Tech more harm than Good. The Hokies are the class of the ACC. No question about it, but they have an image problem. They don’t beat elite teams in September and they don’t beat them in January.

As long as Frank Beamer is in Blacksburg the Hokies will contend in the ACC, but for them to be a national player they have to beat great teams, so you have to schedule them. I like what Beamer is doing.

An opposite point of view is Virginia Blogger, Streaking the Lawn in their article UVA Football Scheduling Big Risks Low Rewards. They ask is Virginia taking a greater risk by scheduling light? I don’t think so. UCLA, TCU, Penn State do dot the schedule.

There is always a risk scheduling a Richmond, but Virginia should be beating a team like that. Virginia is a program that is rebuilding and isn’t ready to schedule to 2 or 3 tough OOC games in a season.

Did you ever notice some ACC teams have a particular ACC rival that is simply a thorn in their side? ACCMania checks in with his interesting Thorn In their Side article. You wouldn’t think about Virginia being such a pesky team for Miami, but he nailed that one and several others.

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