The What-If Game. Big Time College Football Players at other programs.

I hope everyone one had a great 4th of July weekend, with some fireworks , grilling, and the day off. This past weekend was a little short on great sports. Sorry I can’t really follow baseball until after the All-Star break.  The biggest news was Novack Djokovic winning Wimbledon. Yea we even follow tennis results here.

Djokovic defeated Rafael Nadal  to win the title. Tennis now has Djokovic, Nadal, and Roger Federer duking it out at every major. Federer is the only player to beat Djokovic this year, but Roger is running out of time to win more majors.

The U.S Open will be a real war with those three in September. If any of them were American, Tennis would be all over the news here. Interesting stuff going on there, but this post is about something I read on Yahoo Sports, What if big-time stars switched programs? A fun what-if article by Mike Huguenin that deserves some mention…

The two switches that made me think WOW that would be something were Stanford’s Andrew Luck to South Carolina. RB Marcus Lattimore, WR Alshon Jeffery, and Luck? That would make Spurrier’s Florida Gator offenses look boring. I think Garcia is a decent QB, but he’s hardly an elite one, and he can’t seem to stay out of trouble either.

Nebraska’s Taylor Martinez to Georgia Tech  would be the answer to Paul Johnson’s prayers. A quarterback that’s actually a threat to complete a pass. I loved Josh Nesbitt as a runner and a leader, but his passing skills to put it nicely were unpolished . WR Demaryius Thomas bailed him out quite a few times during the 08-09 seasons. Johnson said departed Virginia Tech  QB Tyrod Taylor was a perfect fit for his offense.

What if Denard Robinson went to Auburn? For that matter Robinson could go to any spread option offense in the country and make it better. For half a season he was the most dynamic player in college football. If he had played QB another year at Michigan, Rich Rod might still be there.

Check out the rest of that yahoo article, for more fun player switches.

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