Ranking the 5 best Wide Receivers in the ACC for 2011.

We keep moving along in our ACC player rankings to the Wide Receivers. There’s some serious game breaking talent here.

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1) Dwight Jones, North Carolina

If you’ve read any of my past work, you know I like big receivers. Dwight Jones is 6-4, 220 and last year he had a stellar year with 62 catches for 946 yards. Jones didn’t have a 50 yard receiving game through the first 5 games of last season, but then had 100+ yards receiving in 4 of his last 7 games. He had over 200 yards catching the ball against Florida State. If Jones can continue playing as he did in the 2nd half of 2010, college football fans across the country will know who Dwight Jones is. He’s as talented as any WR in the ACC.

2) Jarrett Boykin, Virginia Tech

The Hokies will be breaking in new QB Logan Thomas. It will certainly help Thomas that he will have one of the best wide receivers in the ACC in Jarrett Boykin to throw too. Last season Boykin had 53 receptions for 847 yards and 6 touchdowns. Boykin is a physical receiver who should leave Virginia tech  as their all-time leading pass catcher. When the Hokies need to pick yards through the air this is option number 1.

3) Conner Vernon, Duke

Guess who led the ACC in receptions last season? It was Duke WR, Conner Vernon with 73. Vernon is a reliable target for QB Sean Renfree. He only had 2 games last year where he didn’t catch at least 3 passes. You know in a David Cutcliffe offense the ball is going to get thrown a lot, so you need solid receivers. Vernon is defiantly that.

4) DeAndre Hopkins, Clemson

In just his first year at Clemson, DeAndre Hopkins quickly established himself as a star in the making at wide receiver. Despite not being a full-time starter until several games into the season, and playing with erratic QB Kyle Parker Hopkins still had 52 catches in 2010. If Clemson struggles in the passing game it won’t be because of Hopkins, who should be even better in year 2.

5) Bert Reed Jr., Florida State

Reed had 58 receptions for 614 yards last season. That led a talented group of Seminole  wide receivers in receptions and yards. Reed is among the fastest players in the ACC and speed always helps a wide receiver. I would have Reed higher on the list, but he wasn’t as sure handed last year as I thought he might be. That said I’m expecting a big senior season from Reed in 2011.

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