Ranking the 5 best Tight Ends in the ACC for 2011

We’ve reached the end of our rankings of the top 5 ACC players at each position on offense with the Tight Ends. There’s some real talent at this position in the ACC. Let’s see who makes the list.

In a few days we’ll get started with the defensive players.

Completed Rankings

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1) George Bryan, NC State

Bryan is the only returning number one player at their offensive position in the prestigious All About Sports top 5 rankings. He was also a first team All-ACC selection in 2010. Last year he caught 35 passes for 369 yards. I actually think he will have even better statistics this year. He will be the most experienced returning receiver for the Wolfpack and should be targeted often.

2) Dwayne Allen, Clemson

Last year Dwayne Allen was a 2nd All-ACC Selection. Allen might be able to give Bryan a run for his money for first team honors this year. Though Allen nabbed 33 passes last year I felt he was under-utilized in 2010. He’s a 6-4 255 junior that can be a difference maker in Clemson’s passing offense.

3) Cooper Helfet, Duke

Duke has put number of offensive players in these top 5 lists. Cooper Helfet makes number 3 . Last season he had solid season at TE with 34 receptions for 380 yards and 2 TDs. Those numbers compare quite favorably with Bryan’s and Allen’s stats.

4) Colter Phillips, Virginia

Colter Phillips is the first top 5 entry from Virginia and he’s a good one. The 6-6 250 pound junior had 3 touchdowns catches on just 18 receptions. That’s red-zone productivity. He’s a strong blocker and has the potential for a big season.

5) Blake Ayles, Miami

The Canes got a gift when Blake Ayles transferred from USC to Miami. This is a former 5-star prep-All American TE recruit. His time at USC was filled with various health and injury issues. At 6-5 245 pounds he has the size you like in a TE. If he can fulfill on the promise he showed in high school, Miami will have one of top TE’s in the ACC this year. Ayles is a real sleeper.

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