Ranking the 5 best Running Backs in the ACC for 2011.

Ryan Williams, Darren Evans, Da’Rel Scott, and Anthony Allen are all gone.  That’s means there’s going to be a new crop of ACC running backs ready to fill their shoes. Who are the guys that will make up the 5 best running backs in the ACC this year?

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1) Montel Harris, Boston College 

Harris has been one of the ACC’s premier backs for years. He is the ACC’s leading returning rusher having gained 1,238 yards last season. He has over 3,600 yards rushing for his career and will in all likelihood leave Boston College as their all-time leading rusher.

Before anyone questions Harris’s 4.6 yards per rush average as being the lowest on this list, remember that BC is inconsistent at best throwing the ball. Defenses can completely key on Harris and he still gets his yards.

2) Andre Ellington, Clemson

Before his toe -injury in late October, Ellington was headed towards a monster season. He finished with 686 yards and 5.8 yards per carry. He also has 10 touchdowns in roughly 3/4 of a season. Ellington may not quite have former Clemson star C.J Spiller’s speed, but he’s more than fast enough.

Ellington if he can stay healthy is one of the two or three most explosive backs in the ACC.

3) Chris Thompson, Florida State

Thompson emerged last year as one of the ACC’s best backs and the most productive RB the Nole’s have had in years. Last season Thompson ran for 845 yards and a 6.3 yds per carry. He did this while starting only 6 games and sharing time in the FSU backfield with Jermaine Thomas and Ty Jones.

Thompson is a threat to score any time he touches the balls and had runs of 90, 83, and 70 yards last year. He also had 19 catches in 2010.

4) David Wilson, Virginia Tech 

David Wilson is now the man at Virginia Tech. If he can take over where Ryan Williams and Darren Evans left off, the Hokies should be in good shape. I think Wilson is going to do just fine. On just 113 carries Wilson had 619 yards rushing last season. He also had two kickoff returns for touchdowns.

Wilson is fast really fast. He has been clocked running a sub 4.3 40 and spent some time with the Virginia Tech track team in the spring.

5) Davin Meggett, Maryland

The ACC running back’s list has been heavy on sprinter  fast running backs. Davin Meggett has never been considered a track star, but he’s faster than you think.

In 2010 Meggett led Maryland with 720 yards on the ground and averaged nearly 6 yards a carry. He’s a solid receiver and with the emergence of QB Danny O’Brien, Meggett should be freed up to have a big season.

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